Yehan Jehan is an other-worldly multi-disciplinarian.

A songwriter, producer, film maker, and photographer, he takes the lead on all aspects of his creative footprint.

New EP 'Earth Arrangements Vol. 1' lands on November 15th, and it will be followed by a show at London's Pickle Factory on November 30th.

Stripped from the full EP, new single 'Haze' is a beautifully etched return, a kind of Tears For Fears influenced synthetic phantasia.

A rejection of technology's invasion of our lives, it manages to locate the humane amid its digital arrangement.

“The song is about algorithms, the digitalisation of society and vanity,” explains Yehan. “'The Haze' is the general sociological mess heightened by the continuous digital presence and its absorption of all attention.”

Yehan Jehan and Camille Luciani direct the video, with the songwriter once again steering the visual representation of his music.

“I’m passionate about all the fields I’m involved with,” he explains. “If I work on music continuously and neglect my visual side, then once my music is made I can put my energy there.”

A homage to 80s Japanese foot adverts located in the bowels of YouTube, it's a singular aesthetic that is both eye-catching and playful.

He says: “I was inspired by the work of Japanese photographer Kazumi Kurigami and a series of commercials produced for department store Parco...”

“If we can’t connect, ideas are fading
Spending all your days fucked and complaining
Spending all your days trapped in a mood
Just remember to post pictures of your food”

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