'Bringing In The Dogs'

Trick Gum are pranksters, but they also kinda mean it, man.

Case in point?

New single 'Bringing In The Dogs' and the way it melds endless distortion with gorgeous melody, the way the lyrics twist in and out before finally knocking you on the head.

If we were in a rush - and we often are - we'd compare it to those early Beck records, and his distorted sense of lyrical surrealism; really, though, Trick Gum are playing in a field of their own.

Out now, 'Bringing In The Dogs' swaggers into view as a mesh of colour and tone, rarely settling into any one distinct entity.

There's a low, rumbling piano riff in there, while the beat reads almost like a hip-hop fairytale - leaving just enough space for the cousins to conjure "the same old gods" before the song finally falls to pieces.

A dynamic deconstruction that sits apart from their peers, 'Bringing In The Dogs' is ridiculously but also kinda cool.

Say the band: “Going to kinda-space for an hour in a giant metal penis is one thing, but spending a year in close quarters dumping clone waste into an infinite void is a completely different animal. Space Sucks… Save the Earth.”

Attempting to be a little more direct about the song for the sake of a press note, Trick Gum add...

"We've all found ourselves in desperate moments when it's time to make a change, and discerning the right change evades us. How easy it is in those solitary moments to turn against our better angels and lay back into familiar vices. In strange times often there's nothing that seems more comforting than the devil we know. It's a bad way to go, but we have to acknowledge our shadows in order to overcome them."

"'Bringing In The Dogs' is a way to give those crutches a kiss and a wink and say, 'love you lads, I'll always remember the good times,' before moving on to something better." 

Tune in now.

- - -


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