'Have Fun At Your Party'

GRAACE is Australia's next pop star in waiting, a magician with melodies who tells it like it is.

With her 'Self Sabotage' EP catapulting the newcomer to success, she's able to work on instinct, throwing ideas down on tape in the studio.

Working quickly, she leaps from song to song, the perfect pivot between art and her own helter skelter life. Take 'Have Fun At Your Party'.

A key aspect of the new EP, it stems from her tumultuous love life, and a time when she was trying to move beyond the emotional damage of a break up.

Throwing herself into something new while constantly holding something back, this mixed up time fuels her fizzing new alt-pop jewel, one that arrives buzzing with energy but with bittersweet emotions under the surface.

“I was ‘dating’ *I say that loosely* someone when I started writing this” explains GRAACE. “We were both going through breakups and were both so confused about our mental states but also heavily relying on each other to pick each other up all the time. We went a lot of the first few months together trying to deny how we felt about each other, constantly pushing one away then pulling them back”.

We've got first play of the video, another showcase for an unstoppable new artist - tune in now.

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