Brad Stank
'Take Me To The Crib'

Brad Stank wants to take things slow.

Each song feels like its been composed after the final glass of red wine has been drunk, and the blunt has been left to softly extinguish in the ash-tray.

Jazz-leaning twilight ruminations that puncture the mythology of R&B, the Liverpool songwriter's work has a sensual, almost carnal property.

New EP 'Eternal Slowdown' builds on that early bumpers, and it's perhaps Brad's deepest, broadest document yet.

Out on December 7th it'll be accompanied by a London launch party, with Clash able to share new song 'Take Me To The Crib'.

A murky, smoke-ridden salute to innocence lost, it's about shutting the curtains enjoying the simpler facets of life's happiness.

"This song is about a sexy but sweet night out," says Brad. "Both parties are tired, and the promise of green and red wine has B stank nodding his head— take me home baby! I like the subtle double meaning of ‘crib’, as in a baby’s crib. It’s saying take me back to that innocence rather than my 20-something-year-old woe and strife of life."

"Also ‘Little Green’ is a song title by Joni Mitchell who I’m a big fan of and so the song is a nod to that. I think it’s my favourite song lyrically so far because it paints the nicest picture."

Tune in now.

Catch Brad Stank at London's Sebright Arms on December 12th.

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