'Kinder World'

Jimmy Herrity speaks nothing but the truth.

A songwriter who is reliant on absolute honesty, his work is hewn from his own experiences, his own emotions.

Reminiscent at times of The National, or even Ben Gibbard's achievements, he's also striking out on his own with a raw yet literate songwriting voice.

New single 'Kinder World' is about letting go, and claiming the space to actually remove yourself from your problems.

Etched in a mood of delicate assurance, it's an affecting piece of music from the south coast riser.

He comments...

"'Kinder World' is about admitting defeat after trying hard to fight my demons. By taking a step back and watching the world go by, I realised how beautiful everything can be when you just let go a bit. Often when we're caught up in life and stressed about simple things, there's something deeper going on. I found it important to take a moment to acknowledge what's going on inside, in this particular case, grieving.”

The video presents a grey, wideswept scene, with Jimmy Herrity walking along a stark cliff edge scene.

"The video is a visual representation of hope among ruin," he comments. "It’s a cold grey and slightly turbulent landscape, but I’m all dressed up, trying my best. It’s a simple concept but something I’m still exploring."

"It’s very raw and expressive, and you’re kind of forced to watch me recount the words like a painful story. It’s a challenge to keep people engaged with so much choice for entertainment, but I see this as the other side to my art as it were, a deeper form of articulation and expression."

"It’s more important than ever with live music on a hiatus, and I like to make myself as vulnerable as possible as it takes the whole thing further than the song can alone. I’ll be doing more of this, much more."

Tune in now.

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