Never Enough
Baby Strange

All muscle, that's Baby Strange.

Each song is finely honed, with only the bare minimum allowed. Muscle moves under skin, the sinews and ligaments stretched and pulled as taut as can be.

Live, the Glasgow three piece are all leather jackets, spit and snarl. Rama lama guitar thrills set to fire up a new generation, this is snotty disobedience, outright deviance set to guitar, bass and drums.

Working with Chess Club, new single 'Friend' drops on September 9th. About as blunt as Frankie Boyle's retort to a heckler, the track is the virtual epitome of amphetamine drenched garage-punk thrills.

Astonishingly, it ain't got nuthin on the flip. Hidden away on the B-side, 'Never Enough' lasts a mere 90 seconds before Baby Strange collapse in a heaving, writhing, exhausted mess.

Listen to it below.

Baby Strange are set to release 'Friend' on September 9th.

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