'Free At Least'

Noomi crafts hugely atmospheric pop hymns.

Pristine alt-pop from Sweden, she's got the cinematic grace of early Portishead, say, matched to the melodic heritage of her homeland.

New EP 'Life Aqua' is incoming, with recent single 'Ride' capturing the attention of all who heard it.

Following 'Free At Least' is a gorgeous return, one that is driven forward by a taut dichotomy between the lyrics and her gorgeous phrasing.

It's a song about daring to let go, one that channels the visceral thrill of finally - finally - letting your guard down.

Expertly done, 'Free At Least' is a song about openness, one that carries itself with a hidden sense of assurance.

“It’s an emotional tug-of-war between letting in or pushing away, between wanting to but not daring to, of that very first time you really let down your guard for someone and you share those amazingly intense, but somewhat claustrophobic first 24 hours like inside a cocoon breathing the same air in and out until you’re all intertwined,” Noomi states.

“In true self sabotage manner you open windows for your fires just to see how long someone can still breathe inside there or if they’re getting choked by the fumes. It’s not me being scared about getting hurt, but rather that I will be the one who hurts, which always has and still continues to worry me a lot.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Olof Grind

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