Adonis is a modern multi-hyphenate, a creative whose vision spans several different disciplines.

Born in the Ivory Coast, he's known both for his music and his modelling work, someone who can express himself in a huge variety of ways.

Yet he never strays too far from his roots. New single 'Alright' is out now, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the charity We Are New Africa.

The song itself is about locating hope in challenging situations, and was written in the aftermath of a break up.

Soulful but with a pop edge, 'Alright' is about gaining perspective, even when life gets a little intense.

"It is an interesting time to put out a song like this," he says. "When I wrote this it was some kind of therapy for me to express and cope with a break up. This song helped me put in perspective what I was feeling and turn it into something positive, it made me hopeful for a new beginnings and helped me move forward with the mindset of having no regrets. It really made me feel alright. It has a genuine feeling of well being and I wanted to spread that feeling across the world."

"I think is necessary at the moment. 2020 is a year like no other with a lot of uncertainties and hostilities. We are caught between a pandemic and racial inequalities coming to light like never before," he continues.

"We are all in need of a little comfort while on the battlefield of making this world a better place. I wanted the video to be a representation of what this year has been through the protests and the confinement and people wearing masks. Yet Mother Nature has been striving and it took us a lockdown to appreciate what the earth has given us. It’s a time capsule I leave for my son of 2020 filled with hope and unity.” 

Clash has first play of the extraordinary video for the single, one that depicts fatherhood, family and the ties that bind us all together.

Tune in now.

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