'18 Years'

Abby Sage seems to feel things deeply.

The Toronto-born, Bay Area-based artist lets life seep down within her, entangling itself amid her emotions, her innermost feelings.

It all comes out in her art, this imperfect mirror, so riveting in its execution, and so affecting in its portrayal.

New single '18 Years' is online now, a tale of young love and lasting regret, a sense that sometimes it all comes too soon.

The opaque arrangement shimmers with light, while Abby's tender vocal is draped in the kind of longing only the young can experience.

She comments...

'18 Years' is an important story that I’ve been attempting to tell the right way for a while now. For me, '18 Years' represents both a solidified age and an estimated measure of time. I fell in love at the age of 18 but I needed 18 more years to understand it. I needed 18 more years to figure out what that meant for me.

It’s a love ballad longing for the right place and time. I wrote it about a year ago and sat with it for so long, but every time I played songs of mine for friends, this is the one that resonated the most. Having that one fleeting love that you hold onto, make excuses for, and keep in your mind as that 'maybe someday' person is such a universal human experience.

I had a moment where I was driving on my own back from the studio one day and I felt this overwhelming feeling of love for someone in my past. The beautiful thing was that it wasn’t a feeling of longing, it was pure appreciation for someone who I so deeply loved before.

Regardless, I still carry that question of 'maybe someday down the road' but now that I’ve written about it, the feeling is less pressing; it’s off my chest and into the world now.

Tune in now.

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