'Perfect Form' ft. Shy Girls (No Artificial Colours Remix)
Cyril Hahn

Over the past 12 months Cyril Hahn has gone from being a cult property to become one of the most dropped names in dance music.

The Swiss native, Canadian resident took part in a number of high profile remixes, adding his infectious house touch to everything he placed his name against.

Seeming to arrive with a fully fledged sound, Cyril Hahn was able to impact his identity onto the crowd every time he stood behind the decks. Yet this might only be the start. Influential British imprint PMR have taken him under their wing, plotting yet another assault on the mainstream.

New single 'Perfect Form' is a mixture of underground sounds and exquisite pop, a glamorous, immaculately formed gem which seems to glisten with a rare light. Shy Girls - a mystical R&B outfit led by Portland-based artist Dan Vidmar - add backing vocals, the sugar in Cyril Hahn's rich, black-as-night coffee.

Already gaining some support from top DJs, 'Perfect Form' has been bootlegged, ripped and torn with rare abandon. As ever, the official remixes are the ones to plump for, with South East London duo No Artificial Colours (otherwise known as Lewis Wright and Ryan Ellis) stepping up to the plate.

Amplifying the party-hardy credentials of the original, you can listen to No Artificial Colours' remix of 'Perfect Form' below.

'Perfect Form' is set to be released via PMR Records on October 7th.

Photo Credit: Evaan Kheraj

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