Harpy hails from the south coast, an area over-flowing with underground talent.

Friends with the likes of Architects and Royal Blood, her crunching road sound is overlaid with elements and textures that are almost gothic.

Each new release from Harpy is like an exorcism, with every song primed with a blistering intensity of emotion.

Take new single 'Oceans'. Out now, it's a colossal return, packed with sky-scraper riffs and taut vocals that writhe from speaker to speaker.

A song seemingly born from "internal pain" it somehow provides Harpy with a platform to overcome all this.

She says: "This track was a therapeutic release, creating something beautiful from internal pain, something I, and I’m sure most others, struggle to put into words sometimes. In my first session with friend and producer, George Donoghue, we sat down, I told him what I was going through, and bared my soul. 'Oceans' poured straight out in a matter of hours. We didn’t mess around with it too much after we had laid down the track. We took it to Chris Coulter (Jamie Lenman, Arcane Roots) and he took it to the next level."

"Some listen to 'Oceans' and hear a song about losing a person, but I really wrote it about losing myself. Sometimes I lose sense of who I am in turbulent times, and I’m swept away by the tide. I believe I’m made up of two halves, and occasionally I can lose sight of one, but she always comes back to me and I always come out stronger the other side."

A song of huge importance to Harpy, 'Oceans' has been given a dramatic video rendering, with the singer acting as the fulcrum. She continues:

"The music video was an incredible experience, I came up with the concept and took it to my favourite production house Wildstag Studio and they were onboard instantly. It was actually a really special shoot because I got to work with my very own flesh and blood, my sister was our producer. Not only that, she was my eyes for the entire day. I was wearing white out contacts which were completely opaque and as soon as they went in, I was at the mercy of my team for a full day. She quite literally had to feed me and take me to the bathroom."

"I couldn’t see anything, it was all down to the teams great communication and guidance with me keeping me safe and getting the shots. It’s an extremely disorienting experience, I was also laying in a glass tank which warped the sounds in the room, I felt separated from the music and myself at times, but we worked through it together and I’m so proud of what we created. I am extremely grateful for everyone that worked on the video."

Tune in now.

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