Sentimental Pieces
Superhuman Happiness


During the initial explosion of free jazz, musicians often couched their output in religious or spiritual terms. With the advent of club culture, though, this lexicon was able to shift as genres such as house pinched wholesale the lexicon of gospel and plastered it all over their secular walls.

So when Superhuman Happiness are described as 'ecstatic' this should be understood in the full, three dimensional sense. Taking their lengthy, skronk inspired improvisations into a club setting, the group formed Zebulon - a meeting place for oddballs and curiosities who want their waist to be shaken and their mind to be blown.

Sitting at the centre of a Venn diagram which would contain free jazz, funk, punk and a helluva lot more, Superhuman Happiness are part of a rising scene which is infusing the outer fringes of what is loosely termed jazz with a bristling energy.

Taking centre stage on new compilation 'Yes Wave: The Now Sound of New York and London' - out on October 7th via Tummy Touch - the New Yorkers are beginning to impact on the mainstream.

Before then, though, Clash are able to offer a small introduction. 'Sentimental Pieces' rushes and harries, stoppingandstarting with not a care for musical notation. Offbeat pop with clashing colours, you can check out the radio edit of 'Sentimental Pieces' below.

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