Japan is unlike anywhere else on the planet.

Remaining closed off to the West until relatively recently, the country has developed a unique character. A collision between Far East and West, traditional and hyper-modern Japanese culture leaves a mark on anyone who crosses its path.

Suicideyear - real name James Prudhomme - has just completed seven months in Japan. Soaking up the atmosphere, the designer turned producer allowed it to seep into his music, and recently crafted new mixtape 'Japan' in honour of his stay in the country.

Out now, Clash has been granted the full stream of 'Finale'. Fusing Japanese textures with a beat which doffs its cap towards the trap scene, it's emblematic of the changes Prudhomme underwent during the past year.

"I started the track right after I finished Japan, and honestly it feels like I've grown since all of the things in Japan have happened. I've quit doing a lot of irresponsible things and have felt so renewed especially when it came to making this. It really all just stems from having a new beginning after Japan. I only plan on doing more."

Listen to it below.

Bromance Records EP10 feat. Suicideyear 'Finale' and Kaytranada 'Free Things In Life' is out now via Beatport: and iTunes:


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