As furore over 'Songs Of Innocence' continues...
'Songs Of Innocence'

Earlier this week, around half a billion people across the globe woke up to find a new album from U2 waiting for them.

The move sparked all manner of speculation. Backed by Apple, 'Songs Of Innocence' simply appeared on users' iTunes libraries, without prior warning or permission being granted.

Set to be available for free via iTunes for the next five weeks, Universal have revealed their plans for the official release of 'Songs Of Innocence'.

Out on October 13th, 'Songs Of Innocence' will be expanded with the label adding unreleased bonus material. Priced at £10, the physical version will be available for five weeks before, once more, slipping back over to iTunes.

Clash writer Gareth James took a long, hard look at 'Songs Of Innocence' - and didn't like what he saw. "We’ve seen what happens when we don’t pay for music. We get a shitty U2 album. And nobody wants that, do they?"

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