Break out French producer with a vivid, colour-soaked style...

Møme is the overnight success who spent years on the sidelines, the sudden hype story who spent an enormously long time working on his craft.

The French producer’s trademark cut ‘Aloha’ exploded online earlier this year, propelled in no small degree by a wholly eye-melting video. But the music itself stood out – those crystalline synths, the subtle use of French touch influences, and the sheer energy the package was delivered.

Oddly, Møme came late to dance music – originally, he played guitar and wanted to be a rock star. “Playing rock music in a band helped me to understand music, sharing the scene with others and composing within a team,” he reflects. “But making electronic music by myself gives me a certain freedom and that’s also something I love. I feel like there is no limits in my writing and that’s such a great feeling.”

Describing his music as “a mix of chillwave, electro house, and new hip-hop” Møme also refuses to be placed in a pigeonhole. “I don’t like putting music genres in a box but let’s say that I stay quite eclectic, too, and I’m happy to discover new sounds and bring back inspirations from my travels.”

He’s not joking, either – the sudden viral success of Møme has led to a spell of international touring, with the producer using those long hours in the van to finely hone his music. “I start composing a piano melody or guitar riff on the road, waiting for a plane or in my van, and then I come back at home to spend time on Ableton. But let’s say that it always starts with real instruments and some good landscapes.”

Travel also helped supply Møme with one of his most potent collaborators – breakout cut ‘Aloha’ boasts the vocals of Australian singer Merryn Jeann. “I discovered Merryn Jeann with the band Tora and I really loved her unique style,” he tells Clash. “We talked on Instagram and quickly we decided to work together because our universes really matched... I gave her some indications but she was really free to sing her own lyrics and melody! After a rehearsal and some vocals edits, it was already perfect to me.”

‘Aloha’ almost immediately exploded his native France, before becoming an international hit. “This is definitely unreal,” he says, clearly startled. “We can’t believe the stream numbers and we are really happy that the song is massively shared! But for us it’s a song like any other one! Anyway we made another song together who will be on my upcoming album and we hope it will be as much appreciated!”

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