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HUNNY are a band that are constantly on the move. Not only in terms of the four piece’s evolving sound but also... literally.

When we speak to them they are in their van, about to board a ferry to reach their show in Vancouver, Canada. It’s just part of the hectic lifestyle that comes with being a touring band. Soon, they’ll be over in the UK playing some shows.

HUNNY’s Carlos de la Garza produced debut album ‘Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.’ has been hugely popular and has had millions of streams, which is “pretty wild”. It’s not hard to see why they have such appeal with their bright, alt-indie sounds contrasting against darker lyrics. 

The opening track, ‘Lula, I’m Not Mad’ is a candid account of being in a relationship that isn’t quite working. The band’s keyboardist and bass player, Kevin Grimmett, describes the track: “Jason had a chorus to a song called ‘Lula’ and then I had a song called ‘I’m Not Mad’ so then we matched the lyrics and they both made sense. It’s about being in a relationship where you kind of know that it’s not going to go anywhere, it’s not going to work out but you stay in it so you’re content in staying in the relationship even though you know it’s not going to work out”.

At the moment, HUNNY are playing with The Beaches and the tour is “pretty solid” but they’re playing a headline UK tour very soon. However, HUNNY aren’t quite sure what to expect from the European crowds. As much as they’re excited to be playing here for the first time, Kevin says:

“It’s odd. We’ve never played for a European crowd so I don’t know how they react. In the States, I know we have stage divers and people crowd surf and I’ve heard that’s not a thing in England or... I don’t know”.

Recording an album is usually a pretty straight forward process, you would imagine, but it was quite a dangerous task for the HUNNY band members as they pretty much risked their lives to write the lyrics for their album.

“We did a lot of writing at Kevin’s house... There were a series of fires in Southern California that they called the Woolsey fires and they were maybe 100 yards from Kevin’s house so we were writing demos while that was happening and firefighters were around and stuff, so it made for a pretty unorthodox writing process”. At one point, firefighters were in Kevin’s backyard trying to prevent the fires spreading across the property, as the band were inside recording demos.

Just as HUNNY aren’t sure what to expect from European fans, fans here may be questioning what to expect from one of their live shows. “We know there’s people excited for us to be there. It’ll be fun to meet people over there so we’re stoked”.

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Words: Narzra Ahmed

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