American beat-kids were all rhythm and no blues

Some of you might have heard (and fewer of you, cared) that the guy from !!! (chk, chk, chk) quit! And honestly, despite the fact that !!! have more members than Frank Carter has tattoos, there really is only one “guy” from !!!, and no, it wasn’t him that quit.

Thank fucking christ! But then seeing this jive cowboy on stage, you almost laugh at yourself for thinking it even possible. Pot bellied Nick Offer couldn’t be doing anything else even marginally better than what he’s doing now; some bastardised tribal-rave Charleston in front of a full-house at Koko. And seeing !!! for the third time I couldn’t help but ponder who in their right mind would quit the coolest funk, guitar tin can, dance band touring at the moment? Crazy.

Opening with spanky track Yadnus, these American beat-kids were all rhythm and no blues, gyrating their guitars through a set predominantly packed with the tracks from Myth Takes. Combine the best house party you’ve ever been to, the thrill of feeling up your high school sweet heart plus getting tickled, and that’s what !!! feels like on orange juice. Must be the Moon, Bend Over Beethoven and Heart of Hearts were the perfect hat-trick of hits to have me sweat soaked and dancing. And as for Offer’s spirit fingers, well, I liked those too.

Before them Canadian rave-metal monsters Holy Fuck (best band name ever BTW) oiled my joints for dancing with a set of stoner-reque mesmerising electro. There’s plenty of gab about how this music is actually made but who gives a fly when there’s a handful of dude’s on stage blowing capilleri’s creating such an ambient exciting songscape. This potential ruckus is hypnotically abhotic as it is grand. From rocker to new ravers, everyone dug this. Holy, indeed.

Finally, how many chances do you give a band before you stain their name in blood on your “never ever see this band ever, ever again” list? Extreme? No way! If I weren’t anaemic I would happily give up a pint to the 19 case cause of Midnight Juggernauts, so flat and down right dull are their live shows. What sucks even more is that this Aussie trio actually has a number of bloody banging dance tunes. Road to Recovery takes you on a futurist ride of falsetto vocal and blasting synth while Raised by Wolves reveals the dark side of the electro outfit so brilliantly, it’s a crime against music that yet again all I heard was voomp voomp voomp for the entire set. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Yawn!

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