A punchy offering from the pop rebel...

The album’s opening song and namesake ‘Have U Seen Her’ is perhaps an unusual track to begin with, given that its hip-hop, M.I.A-esque sound doesn’t appear all that frequently thereafter. Autotune is also very prevalent on this track, and perhaps masks Alma’s natural gift of being a near-flawless vocalist. Overall, it doesn’t justify the rest of the album - yet this is just a mere setback with what is to come.

Onward, ‘Have U Seen Her’ boasts some impeccably catchy anthems ('King Of The Castle', 'Worst Behaviour') while making some stellar choices when it comes to pop pairings like ’Stay All Night’ which fuses together house beats, Alma’s sticky sweet vocals, and a hook that makes you wish you weren’t trapped in your bedroom.

Darker, trippy, bass-heavy tracks such as ‘LA Money’ and ‘Mama’ work in contrast to the album’s living-it-up vibe, shining a light on the trials and tribulations that come with growing fame (“All these bitches want something from me, got me fucked up on LA money”) and excessive indulgence. It’s a positive to see this side of Alma as without it, the album would have been teetering dangerously on the edge of a vapid party girl anthem, a trope that the pop world has surely grown tired of.

The choice to make the album half fun, half sincere was a smart one, and the admirable trait of honesty through hardship definitely deserves praise. Another highlight of the album is the close. ‘Final Fantasy’ plays out like a bittersweet lullaby - complete with electric guitars and lyrics such as “you’ve got a pretty heart, a pretty face, don’t waste it on me”. The track is almost definitely going to be ringing in your ears long after it’s finished - for the best reasons.

‘Have U Seen Her’ is overall an impressive first album, and Alma’s understanding of the pop algorithm is enviable. Her future in the genre is surely looking as bright as her hair.


Words: Laura Copley

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