"It’s an odd, angular record, but not unapproachable"
Clinic - Free Reign

There’s something defiantly old fashioned about Liverpool’s premiere futurists. As cosmic and otherworldly as ‘Free Reign’ is, it’s still clearly deeply rooted in the traditions of post-punk, krautrock, jazz and psych. This is music that stretches from the decaying rain-lashed estates of their home to the stars. Fittingly, it’s being released on a limited “UFO” frisbee. There are few surprises for long time listeners, though co-producer Daniel Lopatin’s influence is felt in the album’s glitchier moments. It’s an odd, angular record, but not unapproachable - and ‘Sun And The Moon’ is brilliant. One day, people will wake up and realize just how precious Clinic are.  




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