East London trio drop much-anticipated debut album...

East London trio False Heads never stray far from hellish lyrics, boisterous hi-hats, and piercing riffs. Their debut album ‘It’s All There But You’re Dreaming’ sees False Heads at their truest form, track-listing 12 seriously scuzz-rock bangers. The album fans have been waiting for, this adrenaline-driven triumph perfectly accumulates their career thus far.

Album opener ‘WHATEVER YOU PLEASE’ starts off as a riddling electro-acoustic ballad and completes with a colossal chorus. The looping riffs accompanied by strained vocals from frontman Luke Griffiths are a stapled False Head sound and make for a sturdy introduction, almost prepping you for what’s to come.

Following is indie fused, ‘FALL AROUND,’ this second instalment shows off False Heads playful form. With softer vocals, and tranquil riffs this cut uplifts from mellow opener ‘WHATEVER YOU PLEASE.’ With a shaper version of their 2016 release ‘SLEW’ and acclaimed single ‘TWENTY NOTHING’ making appearances, ‘It’s All There But You’re Dreaming’ at its core is a gnarly psych-rock concoction and makes for a groundbreaking first album.

Sixth track ‘COMFORT CONSUMPTION’ is surfer-like, the joyous guitar patterns work as a slightly buoyant single; one cert for summer. In just the first five tracks ‘It’s All There But You’re Dreaming’ catapults you from hectic rushes to indie rock tunes. Whilst bass heavy ‘SLEASE’ swirls you around like a ragged doll, this disorderly punky bluster is easily an album standout and packs a punch from the get go. The addictive echoing harmonies amongst drummer Barney Nash’s militant thuds are what keeps it sturdy. In just 12 tracks False Heads have created a whirlwind of energies.

Penultimate cut ‘WRAP UP’ encounters stubborn bass wobbles, amongst blasé lyrics - “I had plans, but they all fell through” - are aggressively repeated as they round the song to an end. Concluding with cliffhanger ‘RABBIT HOLE’ witty lyrics, “back down the rabbit hole, no hide no seek,” open this track with a sense of wonder, alarmingly loud this helter-skelter tune completes It’s All There But You’re Dreaming in all it’s fury.

Unapologetically chaotic ‘It’s All There But You’re Dreaming’ smashes riff-heavy choruses all whilst embarking gratifying energy levels they’re known for exceeding at their live events. Often praised for their progressive build-ups and ill-tempered style vocal delivery, False Heads have really hit the nail on the head with this one.


Words: Laviea Thomas

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