Punk-edged return with an emphasis on maturity...
'Modern Ruin'

Renowned for his incendiary live shows, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that Frank Carter’s second record with his band The Rattlesnakes feels almost tame in comparison to last year’s ‘Blossom’.

Though some tracks — ‘Acid Veins’, for instance — clatter and cavort with typically reckless energy, elsewhere the snarl and swagger has been replaced in favour of something much more polished and ultimately more accessible.

While ‘Modern Ruin’ could hardly be considered Carter’s bid for Top 40 stardom, it’s doubtful as to whether the heady progressiveness of ‘Neon Rust’ or the indie-driven ‘Wild Flowers’ will hold up against the vitriolic ‘I Hate You’ as far as long-term fans are concerned.

That said, while there’s certainly more emphasis on melody this time around, it’s brought about through noticeably more mature, more refined compositions. Is this the sound of Frank Carter growing up?


Words: Dave Beech

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