Proof that music is without borders...

French artist Malik Djoudi seduces with his groovy electro-pop music, pulling listeners indespite language barriers. His latest offering ‘Tempéraments’ is a standout example of the fact that music is without borders.

Starting off with ‘Temperament’, his androgynous vocals are hypnotic, effortlessly hitting every note. Following tracks ‘Autrement’ and ‘ Epouser La Nuit’ continue to entrance, a reverie that doesn’t break right till the very end of each song.

The lyrics may not mean much to Anglophone ears, but even they are carried away by Malik’s unique sound and vocals. Layering stylish, sensual delivery over minimal, yet impactful instrumentals, he brings an authentic twist to electro-pop music, simultaneously propelling listeners to the dance floor while coaxing them to recline.

Tracks like ‘Dis Moi Qu’t’y Penses’ and ‘Belle Sueurs’ make use of slow-build soundscapes, standing out as highlights, contrasting perfectly with the haunting stylings for ‘Essentiel’.

The record winds down from booming sonics as the sombre electronic music of ‘Histoires D’Autres’ and ‘Folie Douce’ strike a laid-back mood and a sense of calm, even as energetic tracks ‘A Tes Cotes’, ‘ Aussi Jolie’ and ‘Au Jour Le Jour’ use thumping beats and signature bass synths.

Outro ‘Train De Nuit’ – a psychedelic, hypnotic slow-build – is the perfect end to a journey of ethereal vocals, mind-blowing instrumentals and immense talent, a record that will be revisited many times over.


Words: Malvika Padin

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