Bizarro-pop that dwells on potent introspection...

Brighton based bizarro-pop provocateur NANCY has revealed his newest eccentric collection of sonic adventures ‘7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues’. The 10-track mini-album marks the culmination of a busy period over the last 18 months which has seen NANCY gain widespread support from key industry gatekeepers in the UK.

In a press release, NANCY explains that he had a former tendency to hide his true self under a borrowed introversion. Now, he feels that he’s been able to hone in on his unique identity and take a real sense of pride in the person he has become. NANCY says: “Striking out on my own has given me nowhere to look but inside. I think with ‘7Ft Blues’ I’m really being myself, I’m actually talking about me now, what it’s like to be me, and I have never done that before… it’s terrifying.”

Encased around a Marc Bolan style groove, the lyrics to the title track album opener are prophetically honest: “I used to think about suicide every week / But don’t you worry, baby, it’s all gone / I’m rocking it on my own.” The follow-up track ‘Pleasure Pen’, which is based on the Sacher-Masoch novella Venus in Furs, showcases NANCY’s trademark warped psychedelia in all its glory.

‘Happy Happy Happy’ introduces NANCY’s cartoonishly happy side which blossoms on ‘Leave Your Cares Behind’ with its Donovan infused whistles and hippy-like positivity.

This is contrasted with the introspective feeling ‘Dear Life Give Me a Sign That I’m Not Alone’ which provides the highlight of the mini-album. The track flows with great chordal arrangements and vocal melodies, the lyrics are nothing but heartfelt, and it’s even got a Bohemian Rhapsody style gong to finish proceedings.  

‘Don’t Pass Me By’ and ‘Clic Clac’ offer some early Tame Impala vibes with fuzzy guitars and transcendent synths, while ‘Psycho Vision’ is unlike anything you’ll have heard this year – it’s eccentric. That eccentricity channels through more subtly to the album’s finale ‘Deathmarch’ which starts off like J.S. Bach’s Organ Toccata and rounds off the album in a slightly eerie fashion.

This past year, like no other, has invited us all to look inside ourselves like never before. NANCY, evidently, has done just that and openly laid out all of the quirks and traits that make him who he is for us all to enjoy on this mini-album – it’s glorious.


Words: Jamie Wilde

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