Has one of hip-hop’s ultimate superheroes finally met his match?
NehruvianDOOM - NehruvianDOOM

Master and pupil statements abound when collaborations like this take seed. Really, the hip-hop gods, not to mention the baying custodians of the messageboard community, have taken their time and ensured the DNA of these two is a perfect match.

DOOM, sparing on the mic, rustles up his usual funk finds with samples sprayed willy-nilly. Teenage sensation Bishop Nehru slots in; assuredly, naturally skilful, with the right amount of NYC, street cypher confidence putting up an all-rounder’s game (‘So Alone’).

Naturally for the Metal Fingered Villain it’s as flimsy as hell and put together like a roughly cut jigsaw, so as to make you want more of a partnership that could run and run.


Words: Matt Oliver

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