The Bavarian artist voyages to profoundly sonic depths...

The very essence of Lorenz Brunner’s work is his intricate details. From the succinct compositions to the song titles which are expressed in the sound of each track and even the audio visual show the Bavarian producer specifically designed to accompany ‘Daemmerlicht’, which translated from German means ‘Fading Light.’ Inspired by his passion for classical music and stripped-down hip-hop beats, the album contains some of his most deftly crafted ambient work yet.

Pensive layering of soft textures and woodwind instrumentals opens up the thirteen-track LP, its mellow tone soothing yet vast in space, an element which instructs the general atmospherics on this record. The combination of Brunner’s talents as a producer, musician, and sound artist feeding into every aspect such as ‘Lichtung’ (‘Clearing’) whose carefully placed clicks and elongated timbre unfolds into electronic hums. The dramatic ‘Hoehlenlitcher’ (‘Cave Lights’) delves into the deeper echelons of techno, featuring unexpected pauses that build tension in the cold, industrial soundscape.

Audibly explorative, each song takes you on a journey such as the shuddering foreboding highs of ‘Im Holz’ (‘In The Wood’). Drones are intersected by xylophone hits and pulsating drumbeats which create tension, while ‘Am Grund’(‘Basically’) lurks in darker, sparser regions. Although ‘Daemmerlicht’ could be criticised for following a similar BPM throughout, it’s a concise and conceptual body of work to be valued. Even it if it’s not one for a crammed, sweaty Saturday night in your favourite underground hangout.


Words: Lois Browne

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