Shoegaze legends shatter the weight of 21 years of dormancy...
'Weather Diairies'

‘Desynchronosis’ is a physiological condition which results from dramatic shifts in circadian rhythm. Time stretches and blows out - bleeding into blurs as you experience daylight and darkness contrary to your surroundings. With Ride’s latest effort in ‘Weather Diaries’ - their first album in over two decades - we see the band chasing the sun, as they try desperately to fill the two-decade career chasm with an ambition and scope that was lost to years of musical jetlag.

‘Rocket Silver Symphony’ twists and disorientates, where ‘Home Is A Feeling’ gifts hypnagogic bliss. ‘Lateral Alice’s slow motion wash douses a direct drive that pushes relentlessly, until finally hitting ‘Integration Tapes’: a celebration of the sky looming above Ride’s worlds. ‘Weather Diaries’ was tasked with shattering the weight held within 21 years of dormancy, and if it stands as an example of anything, it’s that, outside of overshadowing soundscape and kaleidoscopic-kissing tapestry, Ride still hold a vice-grip control over their illusion.


Words: James Musker

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