A drifting array of gloriously complex and warming melodies...

‘Megadoze’, the new album by Welsh electronic maverick R.Seiliog, is an ambient techno marvel. Well, by ambient we mean R.Seiliog has underpinned his subtle techno workouts with field recordings of nature and the everyday sounds that seep in when listening music on the go, rather than some new age/devotional stuff from the 1990’s.

Lead single ‘Opal Drift’ welcomes us to the album with warming tonal chimes and undulating basslines. As it progresses the production starts to ebb and flow, like the sea lapping at the shore on a calm day, that feels like it could go on forever, but sadly doesn’t. ‘Opal Drift’ gently meanders into ‘DC Offset’, which picks up the pace a bit with cascading blips and beeps and surging beats.

The centre-piece of the album is ‘Vitamin Filter. The first half of song gently builds, adding layers of atmospheric electronics and serene basslines and until it breaks and everything comes alive with billowing breakbeats. As its elongated outro kicks in, it sets up the second half of the album perfectly, with hazy electronics and oscillating beats.

‘Megadoze’ is a singular and esoteric collection of songs. It works equally well when played at an obscene volume to people giddy with excitement or when you are mooching about town and want to get lost in something to take you mind of the mundanity of urban living, or for that quiet and reflective cup of tea when you get in after a big night out.

In a way it doesn’t matter how you listen to ‘Megadoze’, as long as you allow yourself to go with it and be lost in its gloriously warming and rhythmically complex melodies.


Words: Nick Roseblade

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