Songs bloom and shift with a timid beauty and sparseness...
Saint Saviour - In The Seams

Saint Saviour songstress Becky Jones has long been stealing souls with her stunning authenticity and this release proves that 2012’s debut ‘Union’ was perhaps just the prelude of this musician’s exquisite artistry.

We have five senses with which we shape our worlds. ‘In The Seams’ steadily absorbs all of them in the most cathartic and intimate capacity possible. ‘Intro (Sorry)’ is an autumnal awakening. A hushed piano patters, and although devastating, it resounds eloquently in motion and courage.

This is not merely a record blighted with noir though, as the sincere charm of it all lies within Jones power to heal. Through sonic subtly and furtherance, these songs bloom and shift with a timid beauty and sparseness which is absolute.

Composing an album both mesmeric and tender in reflection and compassionate towards the incessant force of recollection is tough to seize for any musician, yet Saint Saviour possesses a soul of dignity and wisdom. Gentle strings interlace with a boldness both in surrender and in the skill of crafting a remedy for the broken chest we have all experienced. 

Love, like music, is beyond physicality, this we learn in our listens. It powerfully seeps in to the crevices of our illusions. If we are the architects of our own imaginations, ‘In The Seams’ is the most intricately beautiful auditory to coexist with. Just let it in.


Words: Lauren Bridgeman

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