Widescreen sounds from Icelandic teenagers...
Samaris - Samaris

Any Icelandic band that makes widescreen, expansive music is inevitably going to be compared to Sigur Rós. But in the case of teenage trio Samaris, such a parallel might actually be justified.

This self-titled debut album, combining previous EPs ‘Hljóma Þú’ and ‘Stofnar Falla’ with a quartet of remixes, draws heavily upon the ambitious, genre-shattering approach favoured by Jónsi and pals.

There’s an almost jazzy feel to some of the tracks, in the way they progress slowly and non-conventionally towards their intended targets. It’s an intoxicating experience, with each new listen drawing you in and inviting you to hear almost inconsequential accoutrements that had previously gone unnoticed.

However, it’s not entirely a resounding success – the lack of any strong melodies to latch onto means that it’s often more a work of texture and form, and the almost ephemeral nature of tracks means they have a tendency to vanish into the ether once the record’s stopped spinning.

This is an auspicious start, but it too often seems that Samaris lack the inherent ability to fully realise their ambitions.


Words: Joe Rivers

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