Welsh band return on a fine second LP...

Welsh five-piece Seazoo are back, serving up infectious indie-pop with their sophomore album, ‘JOY’. It follows their exceptional 2018 debut album which was shortlisted for the Welsh Music Prize, alongside Boy Azooga and Manic Street Preachers.

With ‘JOY’ the band explores themes of hope and appreciating the everyday moments in life. Opening track ‘The Pleasure’ features colourful synths and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Alongside ‘The Pleasure’, ‘Throw It Up’ and ‘Heading Out’ are the lead singles from the album.

‘Throw It Up’ is quirky and full of exuberance, with electrifying guitar parts; much like their other tracks, ‘Heading Out’ features a distorted sound featuring static-laced guitar riffs. Surprisingly, it’s actually quite an endearing song.

Meanwhile, ‘We Return’ and ‘The Start of Everything’ are also energetic with meaningful lyrics.‘I See Beauty’ is another upbeat, infectious track and maintains the themes explored across the album.

Final track ‘Impossible Sound’ is heartfelt and warm. It is quite a mellow note; very different to how the album begins. Lead vocalist Ben Trow sounds edgy and the band’s harmonies are addictive. The edginess is offset by their likeability. Seazoo combine positivity with an undeniable charisma. ‘JOY’ is a consistent record.

Seazoo have evidently matured sonically on an album that is all killer, and no filler.


Words: Narzra Ahmed

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