Against odds, a sweet, sentimental film

If, like me, the concept of a romantic comedy makes you want to spit (that statement does, of course, exclude Swingers), then Sleeping Dogs might be one to buck your opinion.

And let’s hope that lead character Amy (Melinda Page Hamilton) prefers to spit as well. A visit to her parents with her fiancé John ends in disaster when her crystal meth addicted brother reveals a shocking sexual event from her college days to all in attendance. Her previously adoring boyfriend and proud parents aren’t too impressed.

Whilst it may sound like a Freddy Got Fingered style gross-out, Sleeping Dogs takes that style of humour to create what is actually quite a sweet, sentimental film. It could even be described as poignant; there’s certainly more truth in Bobcat Goldthwait’s take on love, forgiveness and honesty than you’d get in an entire festival of middle-England rom-com cheese.


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