A deliciously diffused, shimmering, summery psyche salad...
Soft Walls - No Time

Taking time out from running his own label, Faux Discx, and playing in the band Cold Pumas, Brighton-based lazy boy Dan Reeves has released his second solo effort.

Where his eponymous debut as (The) Soft Walls, released in the summer of 2012, was an endearingly hasty but emotionally immediate affair, recorded directly onto a computer, here, he’s made the most of a borrowed 8-track and extended his songwriting by an impressive degree to create a thematic song suite about time, how we spend it and how we waste it.

The undeniable influence of Krautrock in the drone, dirge and motorik beats interspersed with passages of ambiance make for a deliciously diffused, shimmering, summery psyche salad.


Words: Anna Wilson

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