A debut that's understated and endearingly elegant...
Teleman - Breakfast

Rising phoenix-like from the ashes of Pete And The Pirates, Teleman’s Bernard Butler-produced debut is an idiosyncratic charm.

Channelling the narratives of Ray Davies and Robert Wyatt, this record’s irrefutable Englishness is beguiling. Creating melodies that seem half-remembered from childhood, these spindly yet sturdy little songs are clean and sharply contemporary.

Single ‘Cristina’ is nostalgically whimsical; ‘Steam Train Girl’, with its chugging bass, is gutsier. Highlight ‘Lady Low’ is as laconic and melancholic as a Sunday afternoon and memorable for its sax solo.

Whether this London trio will have lasting substance is hard to say. But for now, these gossamer modernists have created something understated and endearingly elegant.


Words: Anna Wilson

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