Seven years in the making, it's Tusken's Debut

Seven years in the making it may be, but Tusken Coalition’s brutal self titled debut still erupts from the tweeters with all the subtlety of a lit cigarette butt to the retina.

Opener ‘Long Hair Bald Heads’ couldn’t be more hostile; a juddering mash of LDN-brand hip-hop, gruesome gabba beats and (come the chorus) a scream akin to Seputura’s Max Cavalera being dragged through a field of coals (tied to a moped). Things don’t give up from there, Tusken’s world is clearly as enamoured with Hardcore DIY ethics as it is with G’s and hand grenades. ‘Cobra Meeting’ is all low slung submarine bleeps and phat 80’s snares; the type we though time had sadly forgotten, whilst ‘Base Existence’ illustrates a life of drug-addled gloom. Closer ‘Exit Strategy’ sees them winding down over a spiralling, cold electro loop, depicting a life of being “washed up in obscurity and shit out of luck”. A UK Hip Hop record that provokes emotions, then. and even if at times negative, it’s surely better than a generation of bling-chasing pimp wannabees.

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