A wonderful return full of confidence and self-belief...
'Out In The Storm'

With self-doubt and self-deprecation acting as the cornerstone for much of Waxahatchee’s previous material, it’s a welcome, somewhat overdue surprise her fourth album ‘Out In The Storm’, should see Katie Crutchfield harbouring more confidence and self-belief than ever before.

Of course, at its heart, ‘Out in the Storm’ is still very much a Waxahatchee record, hinged on fuzz-drenched guitars, bubblegum vocal hooks and DIY sensibility. It’s just this time, that heart feels bolder, more ballsy, as if the two years since ‘Ivy Tripp’ have seen Crutchfield put up with too much shit, and this is her making a stand.

“Lyrically speaking, this song is about standing up to someone who’s passively wronged you for a long time,” Crutchfield explains of ‘8 Ball’. Built around a rolling bass and hazy melodies, it’s one of many tracks exemplifying her newfound confidence. There’s still moments of fragility that populate the record (‘Fade’), but for the most part it’s a brazen and self-assured release, and it’s all the better for it.


Words: Dave Beech

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