Dernière Danse
Benjamin Schoos

Belgium is a much mis-understood cultural centre.

The country has always housed a rich dance scene, with rare soul of Popcorn giving way to the avant techno of Ghent powerhouse R&S Records.

Benjamin Schoos then, is uniquely Belgian. The songwriter's Freaksville Records imprint has steadily developed its own identity, fusing modern production with left field pop influences which span the decades.

New EP 'Une dernière danse' drops on April 28th, with Stereolab singer Laetitia Sadier dropping past on the title cut. The pair previously worked on the delicious baroque pop nugget 'Je Ne Vois Que Vous', with this fresh collaboration facing high expectations from fans.

Thankfully, it more than matches them. Beautifully produced, the eerie synth sound recalls the Beach Boys' iconic 'Good Vibrations' theremin while the twin male/female vocals are sheer Serge et Brigitte.

Francophone pop with a modern edge, this is Ye Ye turned upside down - in other words, utterly Belgian.

Listen to it now.

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