Leading from the front, that’s Dusky.

The production pairing – real name Nick Harriman and close friend Alfie Granger-Howell – recently paired up to form new record label 17 Steps.

The aim is to focus on new voices, styles which might otherwise be shunted to the sidelines. To drive the point home, Dusky is taking hold of the imprint’s inaugural release.

Out next week, it’s a jumble of styles which could only emanate from the UK. Jungle samples are chopped up alongside jackin’ house, with the full package swamped in sub-low frequencies.

Clash is able to premiere new cut ‘Inta’. Rooted in house, the production isn’t some frothy, Chicago-by-numbers deal: from the bass yelps to the chopped up ‘Inta’ sample this embodies some serious aggro.

Fusing house with the jagged elbows of grime, ‘Inta’ smoothes things out a little with just a hint of soul in that female vocal. Check it out now:

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