Lost In Amazement
Kaleem Taylor

British artists have always thrived on taking Stateside sounds and giving them a unique twist.

So the current glut of R&B, neo-soul sounds emerging from North America was always bound to have an effect. Glancing over the latest links sent to Clash, it's clear that these sounds are blossoming into something unusual, something quite special in the capital's music scene.

Kaleem Taylor began to push his way to the forefront this summer. Blessed with an impeccably smooth voice, the London based artist recently supported and worked with both Miguel and Boys II Men.

Lauded by 1Xtra, new single 'Lost In Amazement' finds Kaleem Taylor hitting a new plateau. The arrangement is sparse, deeply influenced by the electronic based of artists such as The Weeknd or even Frank Ocean's more crystalline moments.

It's Taylor's delivery, though, which really stamps a unique identity on the track. 'Lost In Amazement' is given a sense of child-like wonder, a glimpse of innocent amazement which lures you in.

Listen to it below.

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