Okta Crash
The Deer Tracks

The Deer Tracks seem to run less on structure, unity and more on emotion.

Kicked off almost by accident, there's a sense of chance, of risk running through their material. As David Lehnberg once stated: “The universe has its own way of course connecting.”

Completing two albums of quite remarkable pop music, the duo (completed by Elin Lindfors) are set to return early next year. 'The Archer Trilogy Pt.3' will be released on February 12th, and completes the three part series which runs through the spine of the band's work.

Opening with an EP, 'The Archer Trilogy' then continued with a full length statement from The Deer Tracks. Containing nine tracks, it seemed to find the project's mixture of lush, dreamy pop music and fractured electronics settling into one, coherent mass.

Now 'The Archer Trilogy Pt.3' aims to complete one project, and start another. Another quote from David Lehnberg: “We’re always adding things and doing things differently... We’re always changing…never satisfied. Everything is unfinished!”

'Okta Crash' certainly follows in this aesthetic. Open ended songwriting, it seems to peer at the horizon and invent a fresh landscape. All twinkling glitches and soft harmonies, the song teases out its own discourse before finishing without finding any real sense of fulfilment. It's something you'll want to play over and over and over again...

- - -

'The Archer Trilogy Pt.3' is out on February 12th.


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