The End Of The World
Emperor Yes

The apocalypse isn't exactly a normal topic for a pop song.

But then, Emperor Yes don't really make 'normal' pop songs. Responsible for vast, otherworldly chunks of synth-led melody with a psychedelic edge, the power trio have their eyes set on a fiery finale.

New single 'The End Of The World' has an apocalyptic flair, narrating the tale of "Earth-bound creatures submitting to fiery armageddon – set to a soundtrack of technicolor synthesiser riffs and heavenly harmonies.

It’s how they would have wanted to go out." Gloriously lurid synths abound, with Emperor Yes rolling vocal line over vocal line to craft something akin to The Flaming Lips partying down at The WAG with Duran Duran.

Out on February 24th, you can check out 'The End Of The World' below.

Emperor Yes are set to launch the single with a special show at London venue Servant's Jazz Quarters on February 26th, before curating an unusual art show at a special location the following night (February 27th).

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