I Let You Down
Billie Van

Liverpool is a city dominated by music.

The area has stood at the forefront of each musical convulsion which has gripped the UK, from the beat boom to post-punk, Northern soul to Acid House.

Right now, the LIPA Academy is helping add renewed momentum to the city's music scene. Backed by Sir Paul McCartney, the school has helped the likes of Stealing Sheep come to far wider attention.

Billie Van is a LIPA affiliate, with the school acting a hub for several of her collaborators. Raw and extremely confident, tracks such as 'On My Knees' have a rockabilly flavour but match it to a sweet sensibility.

Born in Norway but based in Copenhagen, new cut 'I Let You Down' is another fascinating forward step. The video has a surreal, David Lynch influenced quality, with Billie Van performing in front of a staid, static crowd.

The play off between the intensity of the music and the flatness of the scene makes for fascinating watching.

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