Nono / Yoyo

Contrary to what you might have heard, Spring isn't here - not yet.

This morning the Clash team (apart from those in SXSW) awoke to widespread snowfall, with traffic disruption throughout London. It was a helluva commute, I tells ya...

Which is why Standish/Carlyon feel so right. Two former members of Australian rock institution Devastations, the duo are responsible for sublimely executed, dub infused pop music.

Experimenting with studio effects, traces of their rock past still linger. Vocals are submerged, songwriting is rendered in a delicate fashion and the vocals are partly 80s croon and partly whispered ambience.

Debut album 'Deleted Scenes' will be released May 13th via felte, but ClashMusic have been able to grab hold of an exclusive preview. 'Nono / Yoyo' was previously released as a single, with Standish/Carlyon sketching out the song in whispers.

Sunk in a dub fog, the White Car remix takes things further. As delicate as morning frost, 'Nono / Yoyo' is reduced to shattered fragments of falsetto vocals and shards of electronics.

Listen to it now...

Just for fun... here's the original.


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