Pretty Girls
Mélissa Laveaux

French music is a uniquely self-contained world.

Foreign artists struggle to make an impact on the market, while French household names often fail to translate beyond the channel.

Mélissa Laveaux though, has the talent to make this leap. Already a huge star amongst French audiences, second album 'Dying Is A Wild Night' is another signal of her artistic evolution.

Yet she isn't set to stop there. 'Dying Is A Wild Night' will receive a worldwide release later this month, while a one off UK show next month will introduce Mélissa Laveaux to British audiences.

A deeply literate talent - the title of the new album has been half-inched from Emily Dickinson - Mélissa Laveaux shares the same grit, the same awareness of underground dance styles which fuels Santigold or Goldfrapp.

With 'Dying Is A Wild Night' due to be given a UK release on September 30th, Clash is pleased to be able to stream a demo version of album cut 'Pretty Girls'.

Stripping the track down to little more than that glistening acoustic riff and jazz-tinged percussion, what shines through is Mélissa Laveaux's vocal - her soulful approach is indebted to hip hop, remaining distinct despite the plethora of influences.

Listen to it now.

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