Spell On Me

Broken Beat wasn't so much a genre but a catch-all term for a mood, a method of shifting past the boundaries of the Amen break.

An important moment in London club culture, one of the scene's true hub, true fulcrums of creativity was Shoreditch nightspot Co-Op.

It's a spirit shared by IG Culture and Alex Phountzi, and the relationship between the pair is continuing to bear fruit.

Working together under the NameBrandSound moniker, the production team are throwing everything into the mix.

Debut EP 'Nowadays Pressure' drops on April 7th, with the pair utilising everything from digital dancehall to the ferocious energy of juke, soulful vocals to the skittering Futurism of juke and footwork.

'Spell On Me' is a case in point. Opening with some JA flavoured synths, the chopped up samples are sheer footwork before the soulful vocal takes things inna Bristol vibe.

Check it out now (oh, and it's a free download, so...)

'Nowadays Pressure' is set to be released on April 7th. (iTunes / Ninjashop / Amazon)

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