Green Man Takeover
Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall is - quite simply - a legend.

The producer's discography shuffles from huge names to cult heroes, with emphasis continually placed on quality, rather than fame. Continually pushing ahead, Andrew Weatherall teamed up with Timothy J. Fairplay to forge The Asphodells project, which shuffled across the infinite space between dub, disco, Kosmische and more.

An inspiring, heady concoction, The Asphodells' debut album was intended as a starting point, as a launchpad for fresh ideas. Throwing themselves open to new interpretation, the pairing recently confirmed plans for a remix album based on that first full length statement.

Out in September, the cast for the remix album draws on The Axis - a loose knit group of producers, beat makers and vagabonds who descend on Weatherall's Shoreditch studio. Fabric resident Daniel Avery takes part in the project, as does house icon Justin Robertson, Richard Sen and Glasgow's own Scott Fraser.

By way of a preview, though, Clash are able to bring you a re-working courtesy of Ivan Smagghe. 'One Minute's Silence' is an imposing tower of sound, a densely layered production whose complexity is matched by a quite gleeful love of experimentation.

In the hands of Ivan Smagghe these layers, elements are prised apart allowing the producer to impact a rather more linear - yet still intriguing - approach.

Listen to it below.

Catch Andrew Weatherall at the Green Man Festival this weekend between August 15th - 18th.

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