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Bat and Ball

Historically a hub for free thinking and creativity, Goldsmiths College is helping South East London to shrug off preconceptions, to re-invent itself afresh.

The college launched a music course almost a decade ago, and since then the likes of James Blake, Jamie N Commons and Tom Odell have traipsed its corridors. It's a meeting point, a connection point, a place for ambitions to blossom.

Little wonder, then, that sibling duo Abi and Chris Sinclair left the West Country behind for SE14. Focussing on a style of songwriting which emphasises subtlety over brash elements, hushed atmospherics over a fake sense of epic, Bat & Ball began attracting attention earlier this year.

Seeming to burrow deep into the recesses of your memory, early cuts were imbued with a strange, Midnight noir - a velvet, glamourous sense of the melancholic.

New EP 'We Prefer It In The Dark' is set to be released on October 14th, but ahead of that Clash are able to preview something special.

Stripped from the release, 'We Prefer It In The Dark' is sparse to the point of being skeletal, with its sun-bleached bones acquiring a beauty all of their own.

Listen to it now.

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