Green Man Takeover

England seems to be in a perpetual identity crisis.

If the nation's pop music is anything to go by, then England can wear any number of masks. However of late it seems that the curiously eccentric, the perversely idiosyncratic side of the English national character has come to the fore.

Teleman aren't without precedent, but then, the band have always been open about their influences. Hazy psych-pop with a blissfully experimental feel, there are shades of Syd Barrett here, hints of Robyn Hitchcock's lengthy solo career and even the odd nod towards XTC lynchpin Andy Partridge.

A string of singles have seen Teleman effortlessly establish their own identity, one based on wit, on intelligence and no little good humour. Live shows have witnessed the group going from strength to strength, with an increased focus failing to disperse those contagious fey elements.

Set to perform at this week's Green Man festival, Clash felt a catch up was in order. 'In Your Fur' was initially released as the B-side to 'Cristina' - the band's debut single for cult British independent Moshi Moshi. A breezy, oddball ode it finds Teleman arriving almost immaculately fully formed.

Listen to it now.

Teleman are set to play the Green Man festival this weekend (August 15th - 18th).

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