Colour My Heart (Yarin Lidor Remix)
Charlotte OC

Located in a former power station, Berlin's Berghain club boasts a powerful reputation.

With an intimidating soundsystem and a commitment to no-holds-barred partying, the nightspot can change lives. Well, it certainly made an impact on Charlotte OC.

The Blackburn-born ventured to Berlin last year, her head swirling with tantalisying yet unfocussed musical ideas - then, suddenly, it all clicked into place.

"I felt like somebody had just let me in on the biggest secret in the world" she mused recently. "Certain things that I saw I could not believe. I stayed for only a few hours but left inspired... It was the most amazing clash of the senses. I have thought about that afternoon many times since."

It's certainly left an impact on her music. Embracing texture as a songwriting device in itself, Charlotte OC's productions have a soft, tender touch which is matched to a near ambient use of sound.

Out now, new EP 'Colour My Heart' is an imposing introduction. Produced and recorded by Tim Anderson in Los Angeles, the title cut has become something of a calling card for the English singer, perfectly matching idea and execution, intensity and control.

Yarin Lidor has stepped in on remix duties, and the results are blissful, beautiful. Teasing out new colours in Charlotte OC's palette, it's a sparkling, re-freshing piece of electronica.

Listen to it below.

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