I Want To Be Your One Night Stand
Jeremy Messersmith

Valentine's Day is a time for taking risks, for making feelings known.

It's a not a time for hiding, for locking your thoughts and emotions into a dark, dingy corner of your sub-conciousness.

Jeremy Messersmith seems to agree. The American artist has released three albums in North America, receiving more and more acclaim as time goes on.

Setting his eyes on the UK, the songwriter is attempting something new. 'Ghost' - Messersmith's debut single on Glassnote - drops on March 10th, a sharp, restrained piece of songcraft with a lilting, melancholic edge.

Ahead of this, though, the American artist has a Valentine's gift for us all. 'I Want To Be Your One Night Stand' is a tale of giving in to inhibitions, of letting chemistry take over.

A wry, subtle, seductive tale of becoming overwhelmed by passion, you can tune in below.

Photo Credit: Darin Black

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