'Today (Fade Away)'

Most genre titles are meaningless, but grunge is especially vacant.

Seattle slang for dirt, grunge soon attached itself to the city's late 80s array of sludgy, Sabbath influenced, post-hardcore delights. Soon, though, it was a global phenomenon which moved between Neil Young, Soundgarden and (gulp) the 501 supported horror that was Stiltskin.

Splashh aren't a grunge band, albeit they do no doubt have a few Mudhoney records lingering on their racks. So why reference them? Well, simply put: we're not entirely sure how to describe their sound.

There's that whimsical, nostalgic vibe which shone through on their early singles, all mid 90s Saturday morning TV, SNES games and quiet-loud dynamics. But there's a deeply British feel as well, a psychedelic flourish which pushes to the forefront on debut album 'Comfort'.

New single 'All I Wanna Do' is a blurred, tatty, power chord jam, as direct a statement as the band are likely to make. On the flip, Splashh have placed 'Today (Fade Away)' - translucent psychedelia, it's lyrically introspective while the music reaches out towards a pure, blinding white light.

Listen to it now.

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